Website Design & Business Development Package

Whatever your company is about we will help you, from an outside perspective, gain leverage so you will know your best company points and selling points for your marketing plan.  We will help see your options so you are able to make the best decision for your company.   This includes the full website design and a partial to full business plan.  The business plan can include weekly or monthly updates, or (weekly/monthly targets) to make help you make adjustments to your business plan until you are comfortable with the process.

Website Design

Whether you already have a company up and running or are a start-up, we will design your website with a style that shows your best image.  You want to be able to give people ease of navigation as well as functionality that is on par with your particular industry.  We have experience in many industries and can help leverage our knowledge and business acumen to help you proceed with a professional image.  We want you to be the one who they say “sets the industry standard” and to have your business associates wowed by your website’s image, design, and functionality.  No more flat 1 page websites, now you will have a dynamic and responsive website to help lift you to the top of your game.

You have your business, marketing, and selling to worry about, don’t add another headache.  Let us help you decide the best design plan and implement it from start to finish.


Setting up your Chart of Accounts

This is a key aspect for all businesses.  You need to see the cash flow and make sure to support all payments and receivables correctly.  This means having a chart of accounts; that way all payables and receivables are going into or coming from the right account.

Business Plan & Consulting

This is the most important part of a business.  Many businesses fail because they do not have a business plan.  Many businesses fail because they fail to read or use their business plan.  Let us help you write your plan. We can also show you techniques and tips of how to get the best use out of it such as daily, or weekly guideline usage and updates, addendums or rewrites.  This can include a Weekly and/or Monthly update guideline to keep you on track of your business plan and to make adjustments. “Decide, resolve and commit, then measure daily” -Tony Robbins

Social Media Plan & Marketing Plan

Getting your social media marketing plan is a huge step for someone ready to take their business to the next level.  You may find yourself confused and wondering how much time is social media going to take away from your business focus.  We can set up your social media to include all the social platforms relevant to your industry.  We can show you how to engage and which social platform is best for each industry.  We can also teach you how to set your social posts to auto-pilot.


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