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Our vision is in alignment with what makes the customer money makes the customer happy.  Making peoples lives easier or helping them in making their customers lives easier by offering solutions to their problems or helping facilitate in the showcase and delivery of products and services will keep them coming back. We want to be able to provide the tools to help our customers with their business endeavors and seek to make them happy at all times.  Our work ethic and skills will give our customers the business and marketing tools they need to keep their customers happy, enhance productivity and showcase their business and keep their customers or clients coming back to them for future products or services.

Our Story

Best Website Design Studio’s beginning started in 2015 when Leticia decided to start a blog on skin care tips.  A licensed esthetician by trade, Leticia got her start at Dermalogica and it was in the beauty industry that she honed her skills in branding, selling, event planning and customer service. She finally decided to break out on her own as an entrepreneur and designer. She started by going to business entrepreneurship school and plans to graduate with two A.S degrees by Fall of 2018.  Prior to that, Leticia had been designing websites since the early 2000’s.  She used the go daddy website tonight to build her first website. After that, she started to build websites for her portfolios in sewing design and jewelry design.  She finally decided to get serious with her website service in 2017 after seeing how many friends and family needed websites but did not know how or were overwhelmed with the process. She is a self taught designer with expertise in the Word Press and Shopify platforms.

“A common misconception is that they either have to spend thousands of dollars or do it themselves which is a headache.  Not only that, all do-it-yourself web design sites offer very limited creative choices and flat themed designs.” -Leticia

“During the initial stages of a business, one wants to focus on the business, not the technology details.  That is where we come in.  We offer great tools and expert analysis to help get your business or brand up and running professionally and we offer websites starting at $500.  That is the best deal out there! If they like us they will recommend us and come back.” -Leticia

After building the first few websites, Sunday Champagne Brunch Club.com, 4theloveofhorses.com, and Healthy Smoothie.fit; Leticia decided she wanted to build a team and network with other business professionals including web designers, marketers, branding professionals, and video making professionals to start the company.   Currently, the team is taking shape with great prospects and we will have the team members profile’s up shortly.

Meet the Team

We are a team that is building upon each others knowledge in business, design and development.  Our willingness to help others reach their goals is our strength.  This team is still taking shape and we will have our members profiles up as soon as everything is finalized.


Leticia Arriaga

Website Designer ~ Business Consultant ~ Marketing Consultant

Leticia is a designer of websites, fashion, jewelry and her life.  She enjoys organizing and is happy when helping people reach their business goals.  She is not hesitant to give Business or Marketing advice if asked and her knowledge on up and coming apps, social media tools and startups, is always up to par.  Never hesitate to ask her about anything from Business plans to Marketing plans to Web Design.  She enjoys helping in any way she can.

Next Steps…

Contact us today if you would like a quote on a service.  Whatever the job is whether it is for a website design, business planning, branding, marketing your business, social media, or account setup for your accounting department, we will be ready with our expertise in all these fields to help make your move to the online world or business world as smooth as possible.

Give us a call or text to (562) 395-7075.

Email leti@bestwebsitedesign.studio

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